Best 10 Things about Linux Which You Like Most

Best 10 Things about Linux Which You Like Most

Do You Know What Linux Is?

You may be aware of the fact that technology is in a constant change. It will benefit you to have a clear understanding of Linux. Linux was designed to provide many benefits to personal computer users. Linux may be defined as an operating system. This system can be compared to the more traditional Unix systems. The Linux is actually based on UNIX and it will run on several different platforms. Keep in mind, the source codes are available to the public. Linux is not new because it has been around since the middle of the 90s. This operating system can be used for the following:

  • cars
  • smartphones
  • supercomputers
  • home appliances
  • almost everything

This operating system will manage the hardware resources. These are resources that are associated with your laptop or your desktop. It is the communication that is managed. This is communication between your hardware and software. Without Linux, none of the software would have the ability to function.

linuxThe Pieces of the Linux

There are several pieces that make up the Linux. The operating system is comprised of the following:

  • Applications
  • Desktop Environment
  • Graphical Server
  • The Shell
  • Daemons
  • The kernel
  • The Bootloader

Reaching Continents and Industries

Since the mid-90s, Linux has actually reached a very large user-base. This base reaches across many continents and industries. This reaches almost everywhere. This is considered to be highly reliable and worry-free. Scientific breakthroughs are common with Linux. Linux is in the following items:

  • your refrigerator
  • your car
  • your phone
  • your Roku devices

The items work together to keep the communication flowing and enable the software to function.

The Top 10 Things about Linux

What are the top 10 Things about Linux? Let the drums roll. The very best items include the following:

  1. It is free
  2. It is uncomplicated and it is simple to use
  3. Easy one-time installation
  4. Linux will save you a large amount of money for Software Costs
  5. Access to browsers and there are no limits
  6. Linux offers each desktop user several desktops
  7. A large selection of settings and preferences
  8. The pre-installed software allows you to migrate and duplicate desktops. A few mouse clicks allows for simple access to another machine
  9. A reduced chance of crashing because Linux is so stable
  10. A lowered risk of malware because computer malware typically attacks Windows

These are only ten of the best things about Linux. This is a list that is actually much longer. The top ten should convince you that Linux is an impressive operating system. It is worth taking the time to discover the additional benefits that Linux can provide. Good news for the musicians among us: Even midi guitars work under Linux! Check out this article with reviews of the best midi guitar controllers!

Linux Refuses to Slow Down

Linux will not get bogged down over time. This includes spyware, Trojans and viruses. Linux is a system that remains high on performance because getting bogged down is not an option. There is a difference between Windows and Linux. Windows has a registry while Linux does not. Linux does not need to contend with any register errors. It is the registry errors that typically slow down most computers. Linux really refuses to slow down because there is no registry errors that will slow it down. Consider this an added advantage.

Rejuvenating Older Computers

Linux just may add new life and rejuvenate your older computer. The older computer will become rejuvenated when Linux is installed. The old computer will get another life. Linux will have your old computer running much faster while enabling you to browse the internet or perform any of the standard functions. Linux is ready to rejuvenate the older computers too.

Many Choices with Linux

Linux provides many choices. It is certain to meet your particular needs. Innovation is included to ensure a smooth and simple option for everyone. You can count on a large variety of flavors and sizes. There is much information available about Linux. There are many benefits and advantages. The top ten are only the beginning of the many good things that Linux can provide.