How Important is Oracle Certification

How Important is Oracle Certification

Background and overview of Oracle

Anyone who works in any area of the IT world will know that Oracle are one of the pillar organizations within the technology world. Alongside the likes of Amazon, SAP, and Microsoft, Oracle provide one of the largest back and front end of development and IT technology sets that users and developers will utilize to create, refine, manage, control and develop both IT systems generally, and more specifically, a large amount of software. All created using different elements of the Oracle technology set via one kind of platform or another. Oracles impressive technology set includes;

  • Oracle CertificationDatabases
  • Middlewear
  • Applications
  • Enterprise Management
  • Development Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Hardware
  • Robot Vacuum Management Systems

Along side these Oracle boasts an impressive technology set within the Cloud space. Which, as everyone knows has grown massively over the last few years through acquisitions and new development growth organically. Because of the large number of areas that Oracle operate within the technology sector, being able to identify yourself as a specialist within a specific field is totally paramount to both employers and clients. Just because an individual has good knowledge of the Oracle technology set does not mean that they are skilled enough in one area. Many people will compare working within Oracle technology set as like being a Doctor. You can know a lot about a human body, however like doctors, it is always a great idea if you stick more specifically to one area of the human body.

A large number of people will claim to be an expert in an Oracle field and over the time that Oracle has grown it has become increasingly hard to identify exactly who is able to work with the technology and who is not. For example some people who work within the SAP technology set may be able to use the Oracle technology set, however it would not necessarily make them an expert within the area. Using the Doctor analgy, it is much like encountering a Vet, who would presumably be able to tell you about certain elements of the human body as they will have worked on similar elements, but then will not be an expert within the field. In order to allow employers, clients, and users to be able to tell who really is an expert within the technology, Oracle developed the concept of Oracle Certification to allow people to showcase their skill.

Why getting Oracle Certification is important

The Oracle certification is of paramount importance to those looking to be taken seriously within the IT world. The Oracle certification simply says to everyone you meet within your industry that you know what you are doing, within the specific area you hold the certificate in. Many people will say they are an expert. A certificate allows someone to show that they are an expert and at what level their expertise lies. Additionally, it shows people that you work with how long you have been working with the technology. True that when you are first certified this may not be such a good thing to consider, however as your career progresses, you will be able to show people the exact number of years you have been working with the technology as you will hold a certificate with a date on it.

This date will show everyone when you first passed the exam and started working with the technology. Additionally, it shows a willingness to be taken as a professional. You will appreciate that a number of people will simply claim that they work in the technology space, or with a certain development area. A certificate shows your commitment to professionalism in wanting to stand out and show that you do have a passion and drive for what you do. Of course, the most important aspect of getting a certificate is that you are ultimately demonstrating to those people you meet and work with that you are actually able to work with the technology. You have the skills needed to pass the exams and have the skills that future and present employers will want and need to see. It separates you clearly from those who do not hold a certificate as employers will be relying on nothing but their word and perhaps some prior examples of work.

However, we all know how prior examples of work can look when someone has ample amount of time to tweak and improve the work before showing it to someone. The cost of the exam can seem quite high before you take it, however those who do spend the money are categorically more likely to be employed than those who do not. You should take the exam as it shows you are committed, professional, able to do the work, and always willing to evolve yourself professionally.

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